€ 180 / boat

Speedboat Snorkeling Trip

Speedboat Snorkeling Trip

Take a speedboat out onto the Red Sea for a 4-hour private snorkeling excursion in search of dolphins. To find these magnificent critters, go to a coral reef and prepare to snorkel.
Swim with dolphins in their natural habitat on this half-day experience. You’ll also go snorkeling at two different locations and have food on board. At the Dolphin House and El Fanadir reefs, you can see colorful corals, fish, manta rays, moray eels, and other marine life in addition to dolphins.

The air-conditioned vehicle will pick you up and take you on a 4-hour semi-private snorkeling trip to Dolphin House, a coral reef 45 minutes by speed boat from Hurghada Marina, where dolphins are frequently seen.

We’ll put on our snorkeling masks and head to Dolphin House for one of the best experiences of our lives: snorkeling with FREE dolphins in the open sea!
After spending 2 hours at Shaab el Erg, we will go snorkeling in El Fanadir, a stunning reef with a variety of sea life, including exotic fish, beautiful corals, blue spotted manta rays, morays, and many other animals.

We are very respectful of Dolphins, we follow HEPCA rules, and we strongly advise against going on a trip where several people leap into the water at the same time to chase the Dolphins.
After this amazing trip, your guide will transport you back to your accommodation.

Available everyday
Pick-up time 8.30 am
0-5 year - free
5-11 year - half price
Insurance included
Transport included
Duration: 5 hours
Max 6 people